Verilog Logical Operators

The operators logical and (&&) and logical or (||) are logical connectives. The result of the evaluation of a logical comparison shall be 1 (defined as true), 0 (defined as false), or, if the result is ambiguous, the unknown value (x). The precedence of && is greater than that of ||, and both are lower than relational and equality operators. 

A third logical operator is the unary logical negation operator (!). The negation operator converts a nonzero or true operand into 0 and a zero or false operand into 1. An ambiguous truth value remains as x.

Example 1—If reg alpha holds the integer value 237 and beta holds the value zero, then the following
examples perform as described:
regA = alpha && beta; // regA is set to 0
regB = alpha || beta; // regB is set to 1

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